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The First Step

Most people when considering a new home or an extension, the first thing they do is to telephone a local Builder asking , 'how much would it cost'?  The reply, 'what do you want', 'and do you have any drawings'?

Having decided that you need more room, whether it be a larger kitchen, additional bedroom/s a loft conversion, the requirements are all the same, you will need drawings that will provide the builder (and the Planning Authority if planning is required) with all the information required to show what the works will look like when it is completed, and how it is to be constructed. In order for a builder to give you any meaningful cost advice, they will need to know the full extent of the works.


Now, with every building project there are always exceptions to the rules in regard to Planning Permission. 


There are situations where Planning Permission is not required. This is what is called Permitted Development.


Permitted Development

Sometimes you can build without planning permission. We can help you with all aspects of permitted development allowance and gain approval by applying for a lawful development certificate.

There are normally two main types of approval that you will require before you can start you building project:-

Planning Approval

Building Control Approval

In some cases additional approval are required such as listed building consent. 

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