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Drone Surveys

Aerial Roof & Chimney Condition Surveys & Inspections

A professional drone survey can reduce the cost of expensive access scaffolding considerably. It reduces the amount of health and safety required and eliminates inconvenience. especially when carrying out Roof & Chimney Aerial Inspection Surveys.

On average, the cost of a chimney inspection using a boom lift can be as much as £500.00 plus VAT just for one day’s hire, plus the cost of labour. This can mount up to at least £1,000.00. It is then made more difficult and expensive if you have to work from the public highway, with all the insurances that go with that. A drone inspection carried out by a qualified CAA-approved drone pilot is normally a fraction of this cost.  


Prior to legal aerial inspections, using UAV’s to assess a roof, chimney or other high structures used to be expensive and a costly exercise.


With our professional hi-tech equipment, inspections of high structures such as roofs, chimneys, churches and towers, no longer require expensive scaffolding. Our drones have the capability to access structures up to 120m (400ft) high providing a more cost-effective solution to assessing tall structures, safely and quickly. 


After our pre planning and flight assessment, we will be able to provide you with high resolution images and high-definition film of your high structure aerial survey. The live footage is transmitted back to the pilot, in order that we can see exactly what the drone views as we fly.


We will undertake the initial ground flight assessment, obtain the required aviation permissions, and conduct the survey flight in accordance with the CAA regulations. We are fully licensed CAA registered drone operators.


We conclude your survey with a fully detailed report of our inspection, accompanied by the relevant images and video to assist in rectifying any issues found. We can provide you with a separate quotation to carry out any of the following surveys:-


Pitched Roof and Valley Conditions Surveys.

Flat Roof Condition Surveys.

Chimney Condition Surveys.

Tall Structure Surveys.

Building Elevation Inspections.

Storm Damage Surveys.

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