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House extensions are a popular choice for those wanting more space without the hassle and expense of moving. A good house extension can really enhance your existing home, providing you think through the design and planning considerations.


Loft Conversions

There are varuious types of loft conversion types that tend to be used in the UK. The loft conversion type you opt for should depend on your existing roof structure and shape, how much you want to spend and will, on some occasions, be dictated by planning restrictions. Please contact us for further information on what best suits your needs.

Dormer Loft: 

A flat roof dormer loft conversion is a popular choice for many people, being one of the simpler and more cost effective types of loft conversion out there.

A dormer loft conversion projects out vertically from the sloping section of the roof and uses standard windows — as opposed to rooflights. They can span the entire width of the roof, or simply feature a couple of smaller dormer windows spaced at regular intervals. This is a great way to add headroom, with its box-like structure creating an easy-to-use space with flat ceilings and walls.

While not always aesthetically pleasing compared to other types of conversion, they can fall under permitted development.

A gabled dormer, where the roof has a pitched roof as opposed to flat, is more visually appealing but might be a little more expensive and limit internal headroom.

Hip to Gable


Another popular conversion is the Hip to Gable type. This may even be part of a dormer conversion.

Those looking for ideas for loft conversions for bungalows, or for a semi-detached house, could consider a hip to gable loft conversion. In layman terms, a hip to gable loft conversion straightens the slanted (hipped) end of a roof in order to create a vertical wall (the gable end).

The existing roof is taken back and the end wall built up to form the new gable with a standard pitched roof. This creates a good space internally with full headroom.

The creation of this new vertical wall means standard window openings can be added for natural light.

We provide very detailed and comprehensive advice with regard to your aims and visions. From the very outset of your 'I would like', we can advise on every aspect of your proposals, wishes, and expectations. Whether it is in association with our home, office or commercial premises.

Many aspects of the design are considered during this stage and they include the following:-

  • General and Site Specific

  • Site survey

  • Site appraisal/assessment

  • Planning policy

  • Planning history

  • Development potential

We can arrange to come and meet with you on site, or at your home and discuss your aims, visions and idea's

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